Apprentice Journey - Week 3

Welcome back, this is my 3rd blog post detailing my experiences at Nunns Accounting Services Ltd. I am really enjoying my time working under Wes, each day brings a new challenge and approach to learning.

To begin the week, we started by finishing the latter stages of the payroll process which involved using the accurately generated payslips to pay the staff through the bank so they are ready for payday. Throughout the week I began to build on the parts I had already learnt. I also learnt new tasks such as registering a business for HMRC taxes, chasing debtors for outstanding invoices and running debtors and creditors reports to help identify what needs sorting to help keep the ledgers up to date.

I feel the progression I have made over the last couple of weeks has been great as I am now beginning to get into a routine of having my own jobs and tasks to complete without needing as much supervision which I think shows that I am learning efficiently. I have already in this short amount of time learnt so much and the potential for gaining new skills and experience is huge so I am very much looking forward to seeing where it leads.

It was half term over the past week so I did not have a day at college this week. Instead I came into work to use it as an extra opportunity to help with my progression. Although I had no college this week, I still spent some time going over what I have already learnt on the Advanced Bookkeeping unit. Towards the end of the week I started tackling some past papers to get an idea of where I am and I think it puts me in a good position for my exam on November 18th.

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