Apprentice Journey - Week 4

We are back for the 4th instalment of my blog which means I have now completed my first month at Nunns Accounting Services Ltd and I don't think it could have gone much better. This week has been a little more hectic with me beginning to fill my time more efficiently by progressively adding new jobs to my day for completion.

I am beginning to become a lot more involved with the day to day tasks within the business like classifying bank statements for example. I am also beginning to go through the process of the bigger monthly tasks such as payroll. I have also been using the HMRC website to register as agents with our clients among other jobs that require HMRC. My week is beginning to look a lot more structured and with more clients coming on board it is definitely going to fill my time.

I have now pretty much finished learning about my first unit of advanced bookkeeping for my course at college. It is now more about cementing that knowledge in my memory and taking practice exams to see where my results are.

We also had news over the previous weekend that we would be going into lockdown again. At first I was worrying about how it would affect my time in the workplace as well as my education, especially with my first exam coming up this month. Thankfully however it has not caused any issues for me personally so it won't impact my progression with either work or college.  

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