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A group of like-minded individuals with one common goal. To develop and grow their business.

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Led by the founder of Nunns Accounting

The group is led by the founder of Nunns Accounting with a keynote subject matter expert speaker each month. This group is one-hour networking followed by 2 hours coaching. Every month we have a different special guest who is a recognised expert in their field to coach the members in some of the most important aspects of that field.

These fields include sales (the art of selling), cash and finances, marketing, social media marketing, mindset, time management, business planning and many more. The aim is to develop the members to become full well-rounded business professionals who can drive their business further and further.

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Group Format

There will be two in person meetings and one zoom meeting a month with the following format:

  • First meeting will be a 1 hour face to face networking session followed by 1.5 hours of coaching from an industry expert.
  • For the second meeting there will be a 1 hour networking session followed by 1.5 hours of troubleshooting, reflecting on the information learnt in the first session.
  • Finally there will be a follow up Zoom call by the expert at the end of the month to discuss how each member has implemented what they have learnt.

This course costs £500 per month and over a 12 month period you would cover the 12 key aspects of business development. Our 12 month Business Development Programme commences 2021. Places are limited, and I always offer the first 30 days free to give you a taster of what you can expect as well as meet other like minded business people. Whether you’re a financial adviser, joiner, baker, beautician my Business Development Programme will work for your business. To claim one free 30 day places using the booking form below.

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